Benefits to Property Owners

With C-PACE’s unique features compared to traditional construction financing, building owners can make needed energy efficient capital improvements to their properties, tackle deferred maintenance and “monetize” operational efficiencies. In addition, energy efficiency and clean energy improvements reduce a property’s reliance on the grid and reduce a property's carbon foot print. The resulting upgrades enhance both the NOI and the value of the property.

Key benefits:

  • No money out of pocket: 100 percent financing including hard and soft costs.
  • Long-term, fixed interest rate financing (up to 30 years) resulting in lower annual payments.
  • Typically cash flow positive within the first year.
  • Property owner may pass through C-PACE Assessment to tenants (if allowed by lease)
  • Potential for off-balance sheet treatment per an accountant.
  • Reduces capital expenditure budget - upgrades paid through operating savings.
  • Eligible measures cover broad capital and facility improvement needs.
  • Extends building lifespan while improving comfort.
  • C-PACE assessment transfers upon sale to the next property owner (“runs with the land”).


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C-PACE Overview

C-PACE Overview


C-PACE Benefits Fact Sheet

C-PACE Benefits Fact Sheet